5 Ways To Improve Communication For Projects

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Communication is key. Wether is a web design, development, graphic design or video production service, the back and forth between our team here at CodeTactic and the client is exceptionally important for the best result possible.

Our project management process is based on our key platform to help us communicating with the customer; Basecamp. Because a project can be overwhelming with so many files, designs, ideas, and tasks that’s easy for things to fall through the cracks.

So here are 5 ways for anybody to improve their communication process during the project:

  • Start by choosing the right project management tool (i.e Basecamp, Asana, Slack, or more.)

The right project management tool is the one that will allow you to communicate better and manage item by item as tasks. As a client you get notified when every task is done, and you can provide feedback right away, at every task.

  • Be strict about using it.

Any platform can be overwhelming at first, but a project management tool is designed to help you get more organized.

Our clients love Basecamp with us because it is easy to use, sends instant notifications of our activity and it keeps us communicated task by task.

  • Delegate within the platform to collaborate

Our projects sometimes require more than one or two team members to collaborate and communicate with the customer. This makes the process of back and forth a lot easier because each of us have our tasks and the customer can reply directly to each of us regarding our work. You can see an example below:


  • Focus on To-Do’s & Completing Them (Check!)

It’s all about tasks. No, it’s all about getting tasks done. Every task, every deadline along with it, and every person responsible for completing it can be seen by the customer in the right project management tool.


  • Communication already improved, but keep at it.

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CodeTactic Media Inc. is a privately held company headquartered in Vancouver, BC which develops social media management and online marketing initiatives for small business and organizations that wish to participate in Social Media Marketing.


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    • You read our minds! We will be doing a similar post about our on-going plans and the project management we do. We still use Basecamp, but with a few tweaks 🙂

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