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Getting Creative: Trending Web Design Techniques

As years go by, flip phones were left behind and people start using trending technology such as smartphones mobiles, iPads, laptops, etc. In fact, designers were drag by trending web designs and forced to employ innovative solutions for their clients.  

In the past few years, websites have basically maintain traditional design patterns. For example, we are used to seeing websites themes based on centered design, with lots of white space and icons, and a three non completely informative column design ,which fits really good in a mobile screen. Still, clients prefer mainstream web designs influenced by powerful business websites rather than their own approach.

Even if their are many clients who would lean toward popular web and  graphic designswe have worked with prestigious clients which complain from designers that employ uncreative web designs, or widespread patterns that become, in other words, predictable for users. However, many web analysts agree that the main reason brands choose conventional solutions over innovative design patterns , it’s  because it assures their brand will get noticed online, given the fact this solutions have succeeded in the past few years, even more if you are a startup company looking for affordable but useful digital marketing services.

Flat Design Emerges:

Compared to Skeumorphism Flat designs lack of 3D effects and glossy visual elements in order to achieving cleanness, minimalism, and clarity. Making its first appearance around the 1950’s, Flat Designs main purpose was leaving behind the traditional use of shiny buttons and illustrations imitating real-life 3D objects, focusing on content management, adding interactive elements, and enhancing the user’s functional experience.

Therefore, Flat designs provides an excellent smart solution which includes functionality, aesthetics, and usability by employing more sophisticated and interactive solutions.

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Flash Vs Photography Web Design:

Having good visual is key to succeeding as a website. Indeed, visual media fulfill an essential role in user’s first impression on the brand. In fact, it’s been proved that visual media is the most effective tool in creating a more realistic user experience, meaning that photography and video, are the closest that we can come to experiencing life elsewhere without going there ourselves.

Therefore, adding a picture to a website could immediately capture the user’s interest into your brand or,otherwise, dragged the user’s attention to not relevant information, attempting the brand’s main purpose.

With all being said, How should businesses stand out?

 At Codetactic Media Inc. we suggest our client  to take a risk, in the right hands. As a company, we are constantly improving our  service quality to give you the best digital marketing services. Based on exclusive and modern web designs, including outstanding video production services and unique and innovative web design patterns based on the brand’s individuals features. Nonetheless, we give an special approach to improving the user interface and experience design, which is basis for maintaining their user’s interest in the client’s brand products or service.


Written by Carla Portales


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