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CodeTactic Media Inc. announces strategic partnership with Celestial Systems

We are proud to announce our partnership with an enterprise software development company like Celestial Systems.

We are proud to announce our latest partnership with Celestial Systems, a software, and App development company focused on building mission-critical enterprise applications technology solutions. With an extensive list of fortune 1,000 clients across North America, Celestial has a sound technological foundation for success in developing solutions for large enterprises.

CodeTactic Media has become synonymous with small to medium-sized business technology solutions.  With expanded expertise in plugin development, CodeTactic has been recognized as a leading provider of customized plugins and development for WordPress and other popular CMS platforms. “WordPress covers over 35% of the internet, which is mostly small to medium entities looking at making an online presence and growing their online business”  states Lyle Patel, CEO of CodeTactic Media.

CodeTactic has grown substantially over its ten-year presence. “As we’ve expanded our client base, many new prospects have approached us in search of enterprise-level solutions…” adds Lyle.  “Celestial is innovative.  They are recognized as a leader of enterprise-class software and mobile development.  We were always looking for a top tier partner that is reliable and has a proven track record of success”

Both companies, CodeTactic Media Inc and Celestial Systems, are proud of their cross-industry expertise and are now launching the partnership to design reliable software solutions, app development solutions, provide quality services and bring valuable results for organizations to be successful in the current digital age. 

“After having the opportunity to work with Celestial’s team, it became obvious that both of our expertise in the digital world were extremely complimentary. Together we can create and provide the best and most efficient digital solutions for our end customers”

Lyle Patel


Combining CodeTactic’s expertise in Web Design, User Experience,  Software & App development with Celestial System’s expertise in building enterprise-level Web & Mobile applications, clients will take a clear, decisive go-to-market approach in record time with digital solutions fitted for their businesses and goals. 

Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, Celestial Systems has a team of experienced software engineers and is currently a leading provider of enterprise-level solutions and is now launching this partnership with CodeTactic Media Inc. to be able to integrate their services to fit global clients.

CodeTactic Media Inc. also headquartered in Vancouver, has offices over the US, Canada, and Peru. The partnership with Celestial Systems will enable both companies to outreach to new clients and deliver efficient and effective technology solutions for every customer, regardless of the industry or field they are in. 

Digital transformation is changing the way companies compete with each other in the market. This new partnership will allow existing and new prospects to have quality digital systems and app development that are specially designed to fit their needs, goals, and audience. 

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Written by Marcela Odez


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