Indian Restaurant in Vancouver is Distinguished with Award for Best Indian Restaurant

Akbar’s Own is recognized as one of the Best Indian Restaurants in Vancouver by the “Best of the City Dining” awards. Akbar’s joins a group of other selected restaurants as recipients of this award organized by Westender, a local newspaper in Vancouver.

Prominent Indian restaurant, Akbar’s Own received one of the ‘Best Indian Restaurant’ awards by Westender’s Best of the City Dining. Westender awards restaurants on an annual basis, in where users get to vote on their top dining choices in Vancouver. Awards were given out in a series of categories, such as type of cuisine offered, neighborhood and eating occasion. Akbar’s Own came in second place for the category Best Indian restaurant in Vancouver. “We take this award with a lot of pride,” states Amar Maroke, Manager of Akbar’s Own. “The fact that people were the determining factor in this award makes it all the more special. It is nice to be recognized in such a competitive environment as is the restaurant industry in Vancouver”.

The restaurant industry is both a highly competitive and thriving industry in Vancouver. With 70% of businesses failing within their first year, it is considered to be a high-risk business to get into. That does not seem to deter restaurateurs though. According to the British Columbia Restaurant and Foodservices Association, 500 to 600 restaurants open each year. Running for over a decade, Akbar’s Own is a household name for Vancouver’s residents. It is considered one of the Indian restaurants in Vancouver that was able to succeed over the years and carve out a name for itself.

Customers who come eat at this restaurant’s establishment on Broadway will find themselves with a series of traditional North Indian dishes to choose from. Minutes away from the heart of the city, Akbar’s Own has become many customer’s preferred Indian restaurant in Vancouver. Chicken tikka, palak paneer and tandoori chicken are some of this restaurant’s signature dishes. Besides its restaurant, Akbar’s Own also offers services for Indian catering in Vancouver.

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Akbar’s Own is an Indian Restaurant in Vancouver that specializes in North Indian cuisine and in providing Indian catering services. For more information about Akbar’s Indian catering services or restaurant menu, please visit


Written by Tanu Gupta


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