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One of the biggest hang-ups of social media management is getting the desired response from your posts on social media sites. The planning that goes behind the execution of a brand’s social media strategy, along with the posterior evaluation of the choices made is something every social media marketer has to go through.

Social media marketing has become so complex that it is difficult to do it alone without panicking. The constant limbo about whether our marketing efforts are going to pay off is ever-present.  Questions like “is this campaign going to bring me leads and drive traffic?” are commonplace.

But because we’re that nice, we’ve decided to provide you with a list of some tools to help you streamline your social media marketing. It is important to note that this list is in no way definitive. Feel free to add your own tools to the list, and share it with your fellow social media marketers, of course.

  • Sniply: many times, the things we post on social media aren’t our own work. Links to industry-relevant articles on other websites keep us on topic, but make us lose the opportunity to promote our own brand. That’s where Sniply comes in. This neat little app, which I have just begun to play with myself, allows you to put a message on every link you share.
  • Buffer: although I have already mentioned this one in a previous blog post on social media management tools, this is an important tool for small businesses to be on the most important social media sites. Users have the option of scheduling posts and monitoring them. Other similar ones are Hootsuite and Sprout Social. For a comparison of these three, check out my post on Social Media Management Tools.
  • Mention: Mention is essentially a social media monitoring tool. What this tool allows you to do is track what is being said about one’s brand like blogs and websites, not just on social media. Every time someone related to our industry is watching the posts, websites and other places on social media, you will get a notification.
  • Socialbackers: this tool is specifically designed to help companies with their social media campaigns. By offering tracking and analytic tools, users can see how their brand is doing in certain social networks as well as see how they are doing in comparison to their competitors.
  • Optimize your Social Media pages  – while this is not a tool per se, it is equally important to mention. Optimizing your social media pages in order to get more leads and views is extremely important for any brand, regardless of the fact whether they have a sound social media marketing strategy or not. Especially if you are a small businesses who is just starting out.

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These tools will help make the social media posting process easier and more efficient. In the same way, they will allow you to monitor your posts and make sense of the numbers you are getting from them.

In order to make sense of your social media numbers, have the right social media team to give you a sound analysis of what is working for your brand and help you create a social media marketing plan that will successfully drive visitors to your website.


Written by Tanu Gupta


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