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It’s a scary world out there, and trying to grow your business online can be a hassle if you don’t know the basic ropes. Whether you want to increase sales, drive traffic to your website, or simply build awareness about your brand, we can aid in meeting your business goals.

Let CodeTactic be the avenue to your success!


By positioning your brand on Google, optimizing your website for SEO to turn clicks to customers, and monitoring what is being said about your business online.

We will lead you during the whole process by assigning you to a personal project manager – even before you sign up.

Optimize your Business for Your Clients – And Google!

One of the most common mishaps about businesses in this digital era is not being found online. This can be a huge setback for your business, as most purchases begin online. Clients use search engines like Google to find out more about a product or a service. Not being among your clients top searches can greatly hurt your business.

We’ll make sure that this does not happen with your business. One of our main offerings is improving your business’s visibility through our Search Engine Optimization plans. After studying your business and where it stands (or does not stand) on Google’s radars, we’ll devise a plan to get it to the top. Our first step begins with determining keywords that your business identifies with.

Our SEO plans are all-inclusive, and include:

  • Content marketing
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Social Media

Unlike other SEO companies, we go the extra mile for your business. Our SEO and engagement plans do not only focus on making sure your business is found on the first page of Google, but also on making sure that your brand’s reputation is not tarnished. For this reason, we include content marketing, online reputation management or ORM and social media management in our plans. After all, what is being said about your brand is also important to your online positioning and success.

 Effective and Affordable Websites

Our web design plans are designed to grow your business and bring out the best of your brand. We make our plans affordable not just to make them accessible to all, but because we are committed to excellence and efficiency. Starting at $19/mo, our plans include:

  • Sleek & clean designs and layouts
  • Free hosting
  • Unlimited updates

Our team of web developers is not only design-savvy, but aware of what is most important to your business: the client, or end-user. Thus, our focus does not stop at giving your business a beautiful makeover and interface, but a site that is well-structured and responsive, that is optimized for SEO and to reach people on the go (and where they mostly are – on their mobiles).

For all of our plans, updates are unlimited, so if you ever want to change something, don’t hesitate to ask. Additionally, most of our plans include CMS, or a content management system, which will allow you to make changes yourself. We have designed our plans this way to ensure your total satisfaction.

Personalized Help for You

Whether you choose our web development plans or digital marketing plans, the process is the same.

Businesses that sign up for a free trial will get to work with a dedicated project manager. During this 14 day period, the project manager will help you in:

  • Understanding your business and where it stands
  • Developing a customized strategy for your business
  • Showing you progress for those 14 days (real-time)

In the 14-day trial, you will be invited to our project management tool named Asana. Here, you will be able to see what tasks have been laid out for your business according to the strategy developed, in real-time. If you choose a trial for web design, we will show you a mock-up of your home page, whereas in the digital marketing plans we will show you where you business stands in Google in terms of keywords related to your business (or the industry you are in).

At the end of the 14-day trial, you can choose whether or not you want to continue with us. If you do, the next step is to choose your pricing. You will be still assigned to a project manager, who will be responsible for making sure your business needs are met. Depending on the type of plan you choose, and the area you are interested in developing, our project manager will present you a period report with updates on your business and the work that is being done to ensure it’s success.

With the right combination of our inclusive SEO plans, a user and Google-friendly website, and a dedicated team, we’ll help you find new customers and help your business grow.

Ready to get started?


Written by Tanu Gupta


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