Why is SEO Important?

A lot of people are under the impression that SEO is an unnecessary investment for their website, which consisted of “doing a couple of things here and there to their [website’s] code” and ultimately comes down to a bunch of techniques that contribute to spam. This could not be more false. SEO is much, much more than just tweaking a code. SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, has been around for a while and over the years, has gone through a series of changes, which I will explains later on. But one things is for sure: nothing is going to make it stop or go away. As long as there is internet and people willing to search for things, SEO will exist.

In the past, SEO was all about buying tons and tons of links, keyword stuffing, keywords meta tags, among other things. They were all necessary evils to rank well and be at the top. The panorama has changed significantly today. Keywords still play a key role in SEO, but in a much more controlled context.

Choosing an SEO firm in Vancouver will give your business the necessary push it needs to reach greater heights and ranks online. It is no longer a fad or a whim, but something that has to be done. Businesses that wish to stay visible on the internet will have to invest in it – if they wish to stay competitive, of course.

So, what are the factors that contribute to SEO?

Ranking is one of the most important things for SEO. Not because it is nice to be on Google’s first page, but because it is one of the most, if not the most important way for businesses to reach out to customers – regardless of your company’s size, industry or role. It is no surprise that most people use the internet to search for things, and that 75% of users do not go beyond the first page of search results to find an answer to their problem.

Ranking can be improved through a series of techniques, especially keywords. The keywords should be what your target customers search for, however. Finding out what those keywords are and optimizing your site with them is essential to improving your brand’s visibility online, and ranking as well. Not showing up on these searches will only hinder your business. Nowadays, search engines have become smarter and much more sophisticated, and are actually reading between the lines of your site. Keyword stuffing and other techniques that don’t play “fair” result in website penalization. So now it’s all about posting original, relevant content that includes these keywords”: content marketing, in a nutshell.


Yesterday’s SEO practices are no longer valid today. Failing to comply can get you penalized.

Besides website ranking, there also is website optimization. After all, the last thing you want to happen to you is for users to find you but then quickly leave your site due to a bad experience with it. Here is where SEO kicks in – again. Another one of the areas SEO focuses on is optimizing your site for better user experience. What do we mean by optimizing? A properly optimized site will load quickly and be easier to navigate for visitors. Having a website that loads slow, is unorganized and in where users have to struggle to find what they are looking for will only hurt your business. Users will give up and move on to the next best site they find online.

SEO can be tricky, so if you are thinking about doing it in-house, think again. Competition online is fierce, and those with the best know-how will win by receiving more visibility, traffic, and conversions. Therefore, it is advised that you hire an SEO firm that has the credentials and experience to improve your visibility online.

Our SEO plans come in affordable prices for businesses of all sizes to compete online for their brand’s visibility. What makes us differ from other companies is our commitment. Our dedication to your brand is complete. What do we mean by that? Not only do we focus on getting you to Google’s radar and on the top of the search results, but we also make sure that your brand is seen for what it is special in – its virtues. Our SEO plans include managing your brand’s reputation online, content marketing and social media marketing.

Don’t be a site among thousands! Choose SEO in a smart way that is affordable, and will give you the visitors you need to keep your business growing.


Written by Tanu Gupta


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