How to make your Facebook page stand out (In 6 Free steps)

When was the last time that you took a hard look at your business’ Facebook page and wondered: is this really helping us bring new business? Or, is it really reflecting what our brand is all about?

Facebook has 665 million active users logging on each day to its page on average. As a business owner, chances are that one of the first things you did online after your website, was create your Facebook page. There’s a reason why you and your business should not quit Facebook. If you haven’t got one yet, take a quick look at our “How to create a Facebook page” article.

Follow these six steps to make your Facebook page stand out, grow your fan base and extend your reach on this social media giant.

  •   Start with the Cover photo & Profile Picture

They are the face of your brand’s Facebook page. Just as with websites, you have only 2 seconds to attract your visitors’ attention.

Your timeline cover photo and profile picture can achieve and retain that attention.

– Your optimal Timeline cover photo should be: 851px x 315px

In this example, the Slice of Chicago’s Facebook page shows their brand’s attitude, contact information, description and a little bit of seasonal spirit.

– Your profile picture: 160px x 160px

Your profile picture is the most important image on your timeline. It is the face and image of your brand. Out of all the graphics on your Facebook page, the profile picture is the one that shows up the most: on every reply, every comment and every post. Make sure the image that represents your brand is clear and not pixelated.

                                  Guinness, showing what they do best.

Here are some free tools that can help you create eye-catching Facebook covers and profile pictures:

Timeline Covers Pro


  • Complete your info to reflect your brand.

It’s true. People hardly ever read. However, your information is not only good for showing a description of your company or brand.

This information will get indexed by Google and Facebook itself. Allowing your page to show in Facebook results when people look for companies in your industry.

  • Identify yourself with one word (or small phrase)

Part of the huge success of platforms like Twitter and Instagram was due to the #hashtag trend. Brands can identify themselves and “own” a hashtag as a marketing campaign.

Perfect example: #EnsuranceSave30 | The Esurance campaign

Why it works:

  •      Identifies the core of the marketing message in 3 simple words.
  •      Esurance built up the momentum prior to the big release.


  •      @Ensurance follower’s count grew from 8,900 to 155,000

Post, post & post.

Content is king, as they say. Your visitor goes to your Facebook page to find something.What has your brand been up to?

Post daily.

You don’t want to clog your Facebook feed with unnecessary content. Posting at least once a day ensures that your activity is shown and you get your message out there.

Post smart.

I can talk all day about posting smart. The main point of it is: Make sure to post relevant content in a friendly, personal tone, accompanied by a nice graphic that goes with  your topic. Perhaps, even, a good call to action.

Post again.

I’ve mentioned that your Facebook feed answers the question of “What has your brand been up to lately?”. You want to show that your brand is active, so don’t stop posting.

Review & proofread.

A good post can make a big impact. However, an embarrassing mistake in your social media management can make things go really wrong. The “delete” button doesn’t really exist on the Internet.

Have you ever felt that big corporations don’t HEAR the customer?

Don’t stop.

Posting, creating the right visual marketing, and putting in the time to engage with your customers will get you results. It does take time, but don’t stop.

CodeTactic has several social media management plans designed for the business owner that wants to go beyond these steps and proactively keep your social media afloat.


Written by Tanu Gupta


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