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For the past couple of days we have been announcing the latest changes in our plans, and for those who have been following us, it might seem a little repetitive. But the truth of the matter is that web design and digital marketing could not be more affordable.

And because no two businesses are alike, we’ve got a series of plans for your differing needs.

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Here’s the breakdown for you:

If what you are looking for is social media management, we’ve got the Social Boost, aka the $95/mo. This is not our most comprehensive plan yet, but one of the most attractive or solicited, if you may. Why? Not only is it economical, but focuses on the platforms that are most popular on social media.

As the name suggests, this plan is designed to enhance your brand on social media sites, namely Twitter and Facebook. Essentially, this plan will include managing your accounts in the aforementioned sites, with posts every second business day. This can be up to 12 a month. Posts will be strategic, highly-targeted content which will not only be related to your business, but of interest to your ideal, target audience as well. Whether your brand is on these extremely popular social media sites or not, we will create your presence there and make your business noteworthy.

For $95/mo, this is a deal!

We’ve also got more comprehensive plans that include search engine optimization and engagement. Visit our digital marketing page to see in detail all of the plans we have to offer. All of our plans do not have set up fees or contracts.

If you are looking to build your website, or to improve your current existing one, then our web design plans are what you need. From our ‘basic’ plans to our ‘advanced’ plans, we have a series of plans for that are extremely affordable – starting at only $19/mo.

The basic are for for more simple web design solutions. For example, if you decide that you want to re-design your own personal website, you might opt for the basic plans. These are specifically designed for pages that have a small number of pages, like 7 or 8. Most businesses however, need more than 8 pages, and would opt for the advanced plans, designed for organizations or companies. No matter what plan you choose, our commitment is still the same.  Whatever plan you may choose, you still enjoy unlimited updates at no extra charge, as well as beautiful designs that are optimized for tablets and mobiles.

All of our plans come with a support system to answer your questions or concerns. Whether you are on our most basic plan, we will still answer your question. Our support portal is made for that. One can submit their queries there through our ticketing system. Along with that, we are also available by phone through our toll free number and by email and live chat.

If after all of this you are still not convinced, you can always try it out for yourself – for free. NO contracts, NO fees, and NO strings attached.

How, you may ask?

All of our plans come with a free trial. For 14 days, we will work with you to show you what we can do with your brand and where we can take it, free of cost. You can sign up here.


Written by Tanu Gupta


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