SEO in Vancouver Company Offers Customers New Engagement Plans at an Affordable Cost

Vancouver-based SEO company offers unique engagement plans to businesses and institutions alike. Starting at only $95/mo, CodeTactic’s new plans include content marketing, social media engagement and online reputation, elements that strengthen a brand presence online.

CodeTactic Media Inc, a web design and digital marketing company that specializes in social media management and SEO in Vancouver, offers comprehensive SEO plans at a very low cost.

CodeTactic’s SEO engagement plans offer businesses the unique opportunity to improve their image and positioning on relevant search engines by offering comprehensive plans at affordable prices. “As a Vancouver SEO company, our focus not only relies on improving businesses’ rank on Google, but presenting them in a way that will attract customers,” states Gonzalo Ortiz de Zevallos, Co-Founder of CodeTactic. “This is why our engagement plans do not only include SEO, but other elements that contribute in a brand’s digital marketing strategy.” CodeTactic’s digital marketing plans start as low as $95/mo.

SEO, or search engine optimization is a process that consists of affecting the position of a website in a search engines search results. The most common or sought-after search engine is Google, and the focus is on search results that come naturally and organically, not paid for. Ever since search engines gained prominence in the early decade of the 1990s, search engine optimization was practiced. The idea is quite simple: the higher in the search results you rank for a set of keywords or phrases, the more traffic you will receive to your site. This will increase the chances of your website being found, and also increase the chances of getting a visitor to make a purchase at your establishment – whether it is online or offline.

SEO is not just word specific, but can extend to video search and image search as well. Optimization is done to match the types of key terms or phrases people type into search engines like Google. In order to achieve this match, things such as editing the website’s code, editing the content and removing plugins and other elements that hamper the favorable appearance on a search engine are common practice. CodeTactic’s comprehensive SEO plans include this and more, all for the affordable price of $95/mo.

Besides the usual SEO tactics such as keyword research and HTML editing to optimize one’s website, there are other elements included in the plans, such as content marketing, engagement on social media and reputation management. More specifically, there are the creation of varied types of rich content such as images, videos, blog articles and press releases which are then distributed on social media sites. “Some elements are clearly underrated,” expressed Gonzalo. “A press release for example, includes video marketing, content marketing and SEO, all in one. Similarly, the exposure your brand gets on social media coupled with the power of great visual content is unmatched. Our team of experts on SEO in Vancouver recognized this flaw early on and decided to take advantage of it.” Promoting a site is a common SEO tactic to build the word on one’s brand and drive traffic to one’s site.

CodeTactic is a privately held company headquartered in Vancouver BC which develops social media management and online marketing initiatives for small business and organizations that wish to participate in Social Media Marketing.


Written by Tanu Gupta


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