Vancouver Web Design Company Makes Responsive Web Design an Affordable Reality with New Plans

Businesses large and small can now afford the luxury of having a responsive website with CodeTactic’s new low-cost web design plans. This Vancouver company offers all-inclusive plans in the web design realm beginning at $19/month.

CodeTactic Media, a Vancouver web design and digital marketing company, breaks the mold of responsive web design with its low-cost plans. Businesses that wish to improve or enhance their website by switching to a responsive web design can now do so at extremely affordable prices. Responsive web design is considered to be more expensive than static, more simple web design.

Responsive web design is a type of website design in where the content adjusts to the type of platform being used. This is done to ensure the best user experience for the viewer regardless of the device they are using – a mobile phone, a tablet, or a phablet, to name a few. It differentiates with mobile design because a separate website is not created for this device. Instead a single URL, content and domain is used for all devices.

The rise of ‘smart’ devices has lead to the need for websites to adapt to smaller, different types of screen sizes. As more devices that can access the internet are created, this need will rise. RWD, short for responsive web design, responds to this need. For the first time this year, internet use on mobile phones exceeded that of PCs in the United States. “Businesses have now realized that not only is there a need for a website to look good, but be viewable on a tablet and a smartphone.” expresses Lyle Patel, Co-Founder of CodeTactic. “At CodeTactic, we marry these two principles and offer them at the lowest cost possible to ensure that anyone can access this necessity – because that is what responsive web design has become”. All of CodeTactic’s web design plans include website packages that are developed with a responsive design that adapts to the specific platform being used.

The advantages of responsive web design are many. Having to manage a single site instead of two or multiple ones for each platform does not only mean a reduction in cost, but a reduction in time. Running two websites is more expensive not only in terms of monetary costs, but in management costs as well. Similarly, a single website means a single URL for all of your content, which helps streamline your SEO efforts. Google’s bots are less confused as to which pages to crawl and index.

Despite the many virtues of responsive web design, it is still considered a luxury for many. Making your website responsive is more expensive than a static, non-responsive site – a cost that businesses cannot afford. “If you are a startup or a small business, being noticed can sometimes be a real fight,” says Gonzalo. “Getting attention can be difficult, and one way to do this is through a beautiful website design that resonates on all levels.” This Vancouver web design company’s plans offers clients the opportunity to reap the benefits of responsive web design at a very affordable cost, starting at $19/month. Plans do not just give you the avenue to an affordable and responsive website, but come with unlimited updates.

CodeTactic is a privately held company headquartered in Vancouver BC which develops social media management and online marketing initiatives for small business and organizations that wish to participate in Social Media Marketing.


Written by Tanu Gupta


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