Vancouver based digital marketing company CodeTactic announces marketing team expansion

CodeTactic Media Inc, a Vancouver digital marketing company is glad to announce the expansion of its team in addition to 2 new staff members who would be in charged of improving our social marketing strategies, web design services, video production, and reinforcing our marketing techniques in general by incorporating the most current and effective strategies in the online marketing area.

“Customers need not only to get people talking about their brand but improve their online presence in the international market’’. Expresses Lyle Patel, CEO at CodeTactic Media Inc.

Due to the rapid expansion of CodeTactic Media Inc, we are now embracing new challenges. For example, we are glad to affirm we’re working with exclusive clients around the world who have reached and trusted us into doing an exclusive and valuable work , that is the reason we believe updating our marketing strategies is as important as having a compromised and trained team working along us.


She is one of our new members in Codetactic’s team. She is in charge of managing the Search Engine Optimization in our clients’ brands. Her main goal is to increase their brand’s online reputation by wide spreading their offered services through different search engines so they become high ranked in their resultant list. Additionally, she is responsible for writing press releases in order to inform the customers about our clients’ brands new products or services.


She is responsible for clients social media marketing and their blog articles releases. Mainly, her work is focused on boosting the client’s online reputation through different social networks. This marketing strategy is mostly about managing the client’s online presence, product marketing, and advertising. On the other hand, blogging it’s a great marketing business because it makes the audience keep track on the brand’s recent updates and also aware of the interesting news in the market.

Codetactic’s original Team.

Gonzalo is a Senior Account Executive at CodeTactic Media Inc. This involves being in charge of the client’s web development, graphic design services and user interface experience services. Along with Oscar and the rest of the development team, they are responsible for assuring the client a high-quality valuable then compromised work. Due to their wide experience in the digital marketing services field, they are strongly capable of daily improving the company’s marketing skills for better outcomes.

About CodeTactic Media Inc

CodeTactic is a privately held company headquartered in Vancouver, BC which develops social media management and online marketing initiatives for small business and organizations that wish to participate in Social Media Marketing.


Written by Carla Portales


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