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Using Social Media Influences for your Brand Online

As we explained before in our post on how Social Media Helped Daniel Wellington Watches build a $180 million empire in 5 years .Influencer Marketing has made such a huge impact in social media marketing, that digital marketing companies are incorporating this modern and successful marketing technique for guaranteeing their clients a place in the international market.

To refresh some theory, Influencer marketing is an extension of the original concept of word-of-mouth marketing performed in a professional way. This type of social media marketing is principally executed by ‘’influencers’’, whom’s increasing online popularity influences people into buying a particular brand, this because they find it effective, useful or highly recommended.

As a result, many brands found accurate to invest in influencer marketing due to their credibility in social media and their outstanding online reputation, something truly difficult to find when your newly brand isn’t under the market’s sight. Instead, influencers manage their valuable online reputation to attract new followers to a certain brand by using or recommending their product to their own followers.

Selecting and Influencer

How do brand’s measure if a certain technique is truly effective? OK, you got an excellent website, terrific design, excellent user interface and last but not least, your video production is astonishing. How do I make people interested in looking through my brand with all this competing and exclusive brands in the market?
If you’re signing up for influencer marketing , your first concern must be finding the right influencer according to your brand’s product or service, the more he/she fits the type of client your brand is looking for, the faster you’ll get new followers.
For example, fashion bloggers are definitely the best options for showcasing new clothes designs or launching new fashion products in the market. Guess, for example, has collaborated with fashion bloggers in order to create new content marketing, boost its brand awareness and increasing their online reputation, and also encouraging users to post about the product by using particular Hashtags like #IloveGuess.
One of the main difference between a brand talking about their product’s uniqueness and particular characteristics from influencers is that their main goal is to promote a brand’s product once they’ve used/wore/try it, for enhancing the product authenticity, value and client acquisition.

Direct benefits from influencer marketing.

So, you’ve decided to include influencer marketing as one your main marketing techniques, now what should your expectations be?
Depending on your brand’s goal, here are some the immediate benefits you can get from influencer marketing.

Brand Awareness and Trust building

This is one of the main reasons brands choose influencer marketing over traditional marketing strategies. First, brands starting with influencer marketing must be completely familiar with their target audience. Usually, it’s due to the brand’s closeness to their customer’s needs and preferences that make marketing campaigns successful. That’s why it’s all about understanding your audience in order to enjoy the benefits of an effective influencer.

Authenticity and Rising sales

Authenticity should be considered in every marketing strategy. In that case, the best choice is to align with the right influencers, who truly match your brand’s ideal audience. Plus, it works even better if the influencer believes the brand is as great as he/she is claiming . Authenticity is linked to the influencers build trust, this helps a brand increase its popularity, by approaching to potential and loyal customers.


Written by Carla Portales


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