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Why use professional photography in web design

Photos give a website life. It’s hard to underestimate the power of a well placed, well taken photo along with the right content and right call-to-action.

Visual media is set to attract more eyes towards your content, and the place where you eventually would like them to click on or read.

Whenever you put a photo you are placing your visitor in a setup environment and this gives them a chance to better understand your products, services, etc.
This is picking the right experience, it’s picking the right visual content to go with your message.

Take the beautiful picture below:


Clean, healthy and “homy” products such as nuts, oils, and more.

The following was used by our web design team at Saffron Palace in the following way:


The following are a few key points to have in mind on why a well placed photograph can give your website the life it needs to convert and resonate with your visitors.


  • Draw Attention

  • Setup the right environment

  • Provides content to your visitor

  • Give life to your presence online

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