Documenting a project, What exactly do you need?

Find out all the necessary elements to properly document your project.

Helping your team and clients manage their projects in an easier way is what keeping proper documentation of your project is all about. For those who will be working on the project in the future, it is best to have the documentation properly saved so they can clearly see what has been done and used. 

Keeping all the documentation of a project can take time but it is important to understand that it doesn’t necessarily have to be neat and pretty. It has to be useful, functional and updatable. The main goal with the documentation is to save you time, especially if you have new people coming and working on a project. 

But, what exactly is that you need to document?

There are a few elements to consider to keep good and useful documentation and details of your projects. We will go through each in more detail throughout this article. 


  • Overview 

This is where you keep the details of your project. When somebody asks you about the  project you are currently working on, how would you explain it? This is exactly what you need to write down when it comes to your project overview and details.

Always best to keep it simple and short, useful information of your project that lets you know what you are doing and the goals of your project. 


  • Technologies used

When doing a developing/design project, it is important to mention the main technologies you are using. Depending on the type of project, you will need to detail the technologies used for UX/UI, design, programming language, etc. 

Always keep in mind that this information will also be used by anyone new on the team that’s working on the project. Everything must be clear and concise. 


  • Functionalities/ Features

This is where you need to detail the functionalities of the design, of the UX/UI and the details on the programming language that has been used in order to achieve every feature and functionality along the online platform.  The easiest and best way to achieve this in an orderly manner is through a bulleted list of information. 


  • Structure

Get all the details on the structure of the online platform you are developing/designing. Keeping the details of the Data Base used, Framework, CMS and more can help you keep track of the structure of the online platform created. 

If a change has to be made, it is easier for anyone on your team to properly do so in less time by using this detailed information on your documents. 


  • Support

Every detail of the person/team that will work with the client in order to have all the information to use their online platform. All that will have to be taught to the client in order to help them use their platform to the fullest. Edit important content, graphics, etc. 


All the documentation your project needs is here. You can, of course, expand this information as you need but always keeping in mind that these details have to be concise and understandable to the team and clients. Keeping the documentation as minimal and clear as possible with the necessary elements is what can help you manage your project better. 


Written by Marcela Odez


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