Email Marketing Campaign Strategy and Helpful Tips.

Starting an email marketing campaign targeting the right audience and using the best techniques for success.

We had the pleasure of working with Fivalco Industries for the update and redesign of their website design as well as having our marketing team working on their E-mail marketing campaign.

When it comes to email marketing campaigns, it is important to understand the impact a well-designed and written email can do for your business as well as nurture your relationship with your clients and new leads.

There are several objectives that you can put to your email marketing strategy, you can use an email marketing campaign for selling products, promote your business, share exciting news, etc. With this particular client – Fivalco Industries – the goal was to promote their products as well as new sale prices that were released and that would be available for a determined period of time.

E-mail Marketing Campaigns bring results?

Whether you have the right design and strategy or not, there is a chance you can end up in the “Spam” box, which is exactly what you need to avoid when it comes to email marketing campaigns. People these days received more and more emails every day and this is why we, at CodeTactic understand that you need to use the right tools to lessen the possibility of ending in the “Spam”

It is clear that email marketing is the most cost-effective way to promote your business or sell your products. Having the right tools, engaging design, and especially the right content is the best way to work your campaigns and publicity.

1. E-mail list / Audience

When you decide to move forward with your email marketing campaign, one of the first questions you need to ask yourself is: “who is this directed to? who is this meant to attract?”. Choosing the right audience is the first step towards a successful email marketing campaign.

With the team at Fivalco Industries, we had an audience of clients and leads that – some – were already clients or interested leads that showed interest in their products. This helped us promote their products with the right audience and provide the right “promos” to the people that are actually looking for this type of product.

Whether you are trying to sell your product or promote your business, understanding your audience will make the change. Is not about the number of people you send your email marketing campaign to, it’s about how many of these people will actually see and react to your email and take action to your website or store.

There are also ways in which you can create new leads and add people to your audience:

  • Sign up forms – Just a simple form added to your campaigns where people can subscribe to your newsletter which is what we used for our client.
  • Contest or discount – Applicable upon registration
  • Social media and website buttons – Make your email easy for your clients to browse and get to what you want them to see and do. Whether is a purchase, order, get to know your business through a website, etc. Make it engaging.

2. Design and Content

First impressions are very important when it comes to marketing. Your email marketing campaign is no different. After understanding your audience, it is important to make sure your email has the right design and content. It all starts there.

If you are creating a sales email marketing campaign, as we did for our client Fivalco Industries, we made it a priority to showcase the promos, the prices as well as providing useful links to make sure every customer can have easy access for the ordering process.

Keep your design straightforward, making sure to promote your content properly, and rank your content, most important information on top, and easy to find. Keeping in mind that you can customize your own email marketing campaign with the team at CodeTactic.

Also, creating a responsive design is a must. Nowadays, more than 60% of users use their mobile devices to work, check social media as well as checking their emails. It is important to create a mobile-ready design for your promotional emails.

3. Testing

It is important to check your email on different devices. Not all clients will open your email from the same device, so making sure you create a responsive design is very important. This will make the difference between engaging with your user or not.

Just like we did for our client Fivalco, we created an engaging design with useful and concise information to showcase products and to make it easier for their clients to access their ordering process from any device.

4. Reports and performance

Collecting data from your email marketing campaign will provide you insights on how everything is working for your clients, if the design is working properly if clients are actually taking action, etc.

Clicks and Open rate

These are the statistics you will use to understand if your clients are actually clicking on your campaign. This indicates if your headline and subject are engaging enough and if you are getting your user’s attention to take the first step, which is actually clicking the email.

Website traffic

Whether you are promoting your products, your business, or sharing news, the common goal from an email marketing campaign is to get your users browsing your website. Using an engaging design will guide your client to your website easily and with this, conversion rates will increase.

At CodeTactic we make sure to create an email marketing strategy meant to reach your goals. With our client, Fivalco Industries, we created an email marketing campaign that was meant to promote their products and sale prices making sure to provide concise information and engaging design.

If you are looking to start with an email marketing campaign, feel free to contact us and discuss what are your goals for your business. CodeTactic is ready to help you grow online.



Written by Marcela Odez


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