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The key to “Selling without selling” using Social Media

Selling without selling with an efficient Social Media Marketing Strategy.

If we were to ask our grandparents how they generated their sales back then, they would tell us how different their techniques were and it is because everything continues to evolve and that includes the “Sales” techniques we use. 

Sales strategies have been done and investigated over time and information has been gathered in order to provide a sales plan fitted to your industry. But as the internet has continued to evolve, new sales tools have been provided,, changing the course of your “sales strategy” today. 

In today’s world, it is all about selling without selling. Recent studies show that 99% of people like to shop but hate to be contacted by a sales person offering them any type of product.  Understanding your audience and most importantly, understanding that this particular “sales” strategy is not working is the first step to creating a brand new strategy for your business. 

Selling without selling

Is not about selling anymore, it is about creating an acquisition strategy. Everything continues to evolve and now, social media plays an important role in your acquisitions plan. This means that it is now more important to attract clients through brand positioning and a marketing strategy that provides high quality content and transparency to your customers. 


But what do you need in order to take this acquisition strategy into action?


  • Transparency & trust as a brand 

“Help first and then sell” think about the added value of what you are selling. Everything’s meant to be helpful to your client and before you sell, it is important that your client knows you are putting their needs first. Focusing only on making the sale is exactly what you should avoid. 

Your expertise is what gives you the chance to actually help your client. Being transparent as a business and putting your client’s needs ahead of your financial interest is how you earn your clients attention and trust. 

Working on your acquisition strategy through social media involves engagement. Having people “liking” or “following” your page is not all. Actually taking care of the people you are showcasing your business to is important. Responding to questions and providing the help they need help your clients trust your business and your customer service.  


  • Showcase your products/services 

Your social media is the best tool to influence your clients. It is important to keep in mind that the way you showcase your products/ services will impact & attract new customers. Being creative is a must when showcasing your products/services. 

Engagement is important. If you only present a picture of your product, you won’t have the response you are looking from your audience because it simply does not awake any interest. It is important to be creative and appealing.

Strategic social media marketing can help your audience feel like they are not being sold on a product or service, but actually see it as a need.


  • Consistency

For you to master the complex art of selling without selling, takes time and strategy but most of all, patience. Building an efficient marketing strategy for your business is definitely the first step. Understand your audience and create a platform that helps you showcase your services and products properly but also showing an authentic brand.

Once your strategy is built, it is important to keep track of your platform, being careful of timing in order to target the right audience.






Written by Marcela Odez


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