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How to preview your custom made UI UX design proposals?

Using an interface design tool, now you can see your live prototype of your platform and provide feedback on your UI UX design proposals.

Figma is an interface design tool that allows you (as a client) to preview every design proposed, test the functionality available as well as provide your feedback. 

We, the team at CodeTactic, will provide a custom link where you will find the proposals made for your online platform. You will be able to see the layout, design, functionalities, etc. all from the Figma dashboard


Click on the link provided by the team in order to get in your dashboard, once on the Dashboard, you will be able to see the layout of the proposal. 

Find the proposals available 

On the top left part of your screen, you will be able to find the list of proposals made especially for you. 

Select one that you would like to preview.

Live prototype

Once you choose the proposal you would like to preview, you will find the design on the dashboard. 

In order to see the full design as if it was the real site, you only need to go to the top right part of your screen and click on “Present” which is the play button. 

Once you click “Present” a new window will open.  There you will be able to see the general layout of your design, the buttons, and functionality as if your site was ready. 



Once on the “Presentation” mode, you can use features on the top right part of your screen to change the display.


Set up custom display

You can change your display to the following options:

  • 100% – Full Size
  • Fit – Scale down to fit
  • Fill – Scale down or up to fill
  • Width – Scale down to fit width

We recommend using the “Width – Scale down to fit width


Enjoy your designs and let us know your thoughts!


All comments for feedback must be done through your project’s backend in My.CodeTactic.



Written by Marcela Odez


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