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The Perks of Using Online Advertising

Each day, the number of companies who choose to get online advertising for their services or products is increasing. Since the internet -especially social media– has become a very important part in people’s life, online advertising is now one of the most effective marketing strategies out there.

Wide international Coverage

The Internet has proven to be one of the fastest ways for reaching worldwide horizons. Therefore, one of the most important features of online advertising is that it’s a perfect 24/7 showcase for your product, reaching millions of peoples around the world at the same time all year long. Besides its outstanding reachability, online advertising allows our clients reach a highly specific audience particularly because they choose the type, location, and details on their product advertising. Besides, the fact that it’d be posting on a particular client-choose website makes it more reliable for new customers.


Using the internet as a way of product advertising is, nowadays, highly recommended by many specialists in the digital marketing services field.

Online Marketing really attracts clients because its embrace different economic interests. New companies can find really affordable prices on many popular websites. On the other hand, if you’re looking for competing in the international market, it’s best if you pay extra dollars for showing your product on leading websites.

Even more, there are some internet advertising models that allow the client pay just for the number of clicks it advertising gets at the end of the month. Thus, you’ll be paying just for the numbers of people who visit your website. It is called Pay-per-click ( PPC), an internet model in wich advertiser pays a website owner/manager when it’s ad is clicked on. Mostly, it’s associated with online search engines, such as Google AdWords and Bing Ads. Companies Ads are linked to special related keyword phrases. Its means that people who are looking for information related to those topics may also be potential customers looking for your companies’ services or products.

Social Media Pay-per-click Marketing

Web sites, including social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, have also adopted PPC advertising. As on search engines, the client’s ad will display once a user dialed a keyword which is part of advertiser’s keyword list, or when it includes content related to the brand. This also responds to sponsored links or sponsored ads. The client will specify the ad location, whether is  above, beneath, or accorded to their web design developer.

As a result, apart from the benefits of using social media we discussed on our post before, you can target specific clients on social media by defining their interest, age, education, job, etc.



Written by Carla Portales


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