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How Social Media helped Melvin’s e-commerce store go from zero to $100K+ in 3 months


Nowadays, many companies find social media a key strategy for succeeding in the international but competing e-commerce market. Melvin Chee from Melbourne, Australia was no exception. The 22-year-old turn his starting e-commerce store into a huge success by raising $100k in just 3 months of constant online work. Although, Melvin confesses having to deal with many businesses breakdowns before Apparel became high ranked in the market, what’s funny is how social media became his business savior since the day one, when he accidentally saw a discussion about dropshipping with Oberlo and starting a clothing store on Shopify.

Going Social

Melvin admits that choosing social media strategies for marketing their online products, was his ticket to success. He realized he needed to speak their customers’ language for being noticed, and so he did. As many entrepreneurs, Melvin realized the massive impact of social media in people’s daily life, he found social media as the best place for showcasing his products online. But the real challenge was choosing the right social media network that fits his ideal customer.

Social Media Marketing is all about using social media networks for marketing your product or service online. This could be done by building an active online presence of your brand on the popular social media networks, or getting a hand on influencers for extra followers and wide spreading your brand online.

Melvin’s first concern was creating a huge audience before launching his online clothing store, he chose Instagram as his first-hand weapon. Who would think that in less than 3 months this great move, along with some high skill creativity, will built over 130K followers on Instagram, setting the perfect stage for launching this 22-year-old first online clothing store.

Melvin mainly focused on content marketing, he knew he needed to get people’s attention by sharing what’s already familiar to them, the ”popular” stuff, but this time, with his product on it. Once he had already taken over Instagram’s hashtags, he turned to Facebook for further spreading.

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People get some Interaction

What’s really important about social media marketing is how people start feeling close to the brand. Its call social media because people is able to communicate and exchange ideas of what the found interesting, trending, or identified with. Therefore, is more valuable if you find followers truly interested in your brand’s product other than curious no familiarized customers, the first ones will share your product with potential customers with similar preferences, making your brand noticed for higher audiences. Loyalty customers are clue for making your brand remarkable in social media networks, plus, they make your brand a topic for everyday discussion. Thus, is really important to interact with these customers, this will make them feel listened and considered in further campaigns. And you’ll be getting extra ideas for launching new products on the market or redesigning old ones based on your customer’s’ requests.

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